What are the skills tested on GRE?

The skills tested on GRE?

 The skills tested on GRE general test are three; Verbal reasoning ability, quantitative reasoning ability and analytical writing. Some times this can be wrongly interpreted and simplified as English, Math, and Essay writing. However this oversimplification of the GRE test is bound to create problems as most test takers will start viewing the GRE TEST simpler than it really is and end up in trouble.

Verbal reasoning section

In this section you are tested on your contextual understanding of vocabulary and reading skills. Logical thinking is the underlying elements of all the questions in this section. Even if your answers are linguistically and stylistically correct, you need to watch out for logical correctness of your answers.

Quantitative Reasoning section

This section in the GRE General test is a perfect match between the mathematical skills and your reasoning skills. If  you think that you can beat this section of the GRE test by your  superior mathematical skills then you are in for ride, as you need reasoning skills as well to crack the questions.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Analytical Writing section of the GRE Test  measures your ability to articulate your ideas related to a particular subject effectively. This is what normally done on an issue based essay but the analysis of an argument part of AWA is about evaluating some one argument and identifying pitfalls in those arguments.