The Best online OET coaching centre in India.

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Brooklyn Review is the best online OET coaching in India

Online OET coaching in India is gaining momentum very fast, and there are a plethora of OET online coaching centers in India. Through its revolutionary OET online programs, Brooklyn Review is currently the best online OET coaching centre in India.

OET coaching in India

India has a vibrant healthcare sector, and there are hundreds of thousands of medical facilities all across the country, which means there are millions of people working in these medical facilities and allied establishments. Many of these medical professionals looking for higher pay and a better lifestyle is looking at English-speaking countries for work and even higher medical education.   The OET examination is a pre-requisite for those planning to enter these countries either for higher studies or for jobs. Since OET is a tough examination to crack for many of these professionals, they look forward to training from specialists.

OET training in Kerala

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Why is Brooklyn Review the top online OET Coaching institute in India?

There are a number of reasons why Brooklyn Review offers the best online OET training classes in India. Those reasons are listed below.

Hybrid online OET training program.

Utilizing the hybrid mode in online OET coaching Brooklyn Review offers a unique combination of live sessions and access to recorded content, which makes it the best OET online coaching centre in India. This dual functionality provides significant advantages to students. They have the flexibility to revisit recorded sessions, allowing for thorough revision. Additionally, in cases where students miss live sessions, the availability of recordings enables them to easily catch up on missed concepts and engage in additional practice. In contrast, offline or onsite training lacks these benefits as it does not provide the convenience of accessing recorded content for review or make-up sessions.

Individual attention is given to every OET online student.

The online OET batches at Brooklyn Review typically comprise small groups, facilitating personalized attention from faculty to each student. This allows for effective monitoring of individual understanding and progress. In contrast, offline or onsite classes often accommodate larger numbers of students, posing challenges for faculty to provide personalized care. This aspect is particularly crucial in the Speaking and Writing modules, where faculty involvement is significant, such as in the evaluation of written letters and the execution of role plays. The small-group tutoring also enables Brooklyn Review to provide more evaluations and carry out more role plays. This is one reason Brooklyn Review is the best online OET coaching in India.

Usage of state-of-the art technology and digital tools for online OET training.

During our online OET sessions, faculty members utilize screen-sharing, allowing students to seamlessly follow the teaching points displayed on the shared screen. This ensures that students have a clear view of the same content as the faculty, and they can easily capture information by taking snapshots using the screenshot feature within the conferencing app or the operating system. Consequently, students attending the class online do not need to concern themselves with manual note-taking. Advanced technology enables us to use PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, whiteboards, Word documents, and MP3 tracks. Even Generative AI is roped in to make Brooklyn Review the best online OET coaching centre in India.

Easy sharing of OET files online saves time and enhances convenience.

The conference app facilitates the seamless uploading of files to the conference group, significantly reducing the time typically lost in distributing classroom worksheets or materials. This streamlined process not only saves time for faculty but also ensures that the uploaded OET materials remain accessible on the platform for students. This accessibility allows students to retrieve the materials later, even in cases where they may have lost or misplaced them initially. Brooklyn Review the Best online OET coaching in India

The most cost-effective OET online coaching centre in India

Online OET classes at Brooklyn Review offer cost-effectiveness as the materials provided are in digital form, while offline classes rely on physical materials, making them more expensive. The increased cost of physical materials can pose challenges for institutes trying to provide ample resources, leading to a potential escalation in overall costs. In contrast, digital materials, such as PDFs and Word documents, are either free or more affordable. Additionally, online classes typically do not incur expenses related to rent, AC usage, or other electrical appliances, further contributing to the reduction of overall costs. These cost benefits are effectively passed on to students in terms of the pricing of the coaching program.

The most accessible online OET coaching centre in India

Given that online classes can be accessed from the convenience of any location, there is no need for students to travel in harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain, or other challenging climates. This not only keeps students refreshed for learning activities but also significantly reduces travel expenses. Moreover, the OET programs can be accessed through a variety of devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The online OET class does not allow for any distractions

Attending an online OET class allows students to have much more focus as they participate in sessions from the comfort of their own space, free from the distractions of a crowded classroom and other Participants

The best OET trainers in the online ecosystem

Brooklyn Review OET trainers are tech-savvy, highly qualified, knowledgeable, trained, and certified. With conviction, we can say that we have the best minds in the industry. Not only that, through follow-up training, we update the knowledge and skills or our trainers regularly.

OET exam-specific grammar classes

It is no secret that in order to crack the OET examination, an OET test-taker needs to have  a very good command over English grammar. There are special grammar sessions offered by Brooklyn Review for our OET students.

Comparison CriteriaOnline OET Programs (Brooklyn Review)Offline/Onsite OET Programs
Hybrid Mode Combination of live and recorded sessionsPrimarily relies on live sessions; no access to recorded content
Flexibility for revisiting recorded sessionsLimited options for thorough revision
Easy catch-up for students missing live sessionsChallenges for students catching up on missed concepts
Personalized AttentionSmall group sizes for individualized attentionLarger classes may hinder faculty from personal care
Monitoring of individual understanding and progressLimited monitoring due to larger class sizes
Crucial for Speaking and Writing modulesChallenges in evaluating written work and role plays
Enables more evaluations and role plays due to small groupsLimited number of evaluation and role plays due to larger class sizes
Use of TechnologyScreen-sharing, PowerPoint, PDFs, Whiteboards, Generative AITraditional teaching tools
Seamless integration of advanced technology for effective trainingLimited use of technology
Efficient File SharingSeamless uploading and accessibility of OET filesTime-consuming distribution of physical materials
Time-saving for faculty and easy access for studentsChallenges in maintaining accessibility of physical materials
Cost EffectivenessDigital materials reduce overall program costsHigher costs associated with physical materials
No expenses for rent, AC, or electrical appliancesAdditional costs for facilities and utilities
Cost benefits passed on to students in program pricingChallenges in providing cost-effective programs
AccessibilityAnytime, anywhere access through various devicesLimited flexibility; attendance at a specific location
Reduces travel expenses and timePotential challenges in attending during adverse weather
Distraction-Free EnvironmentFocus in a comfortable and familiar spaceDistractions in a crowded classroom setting
No interference from other participantsChallenges in maintaining focus due to classroom dynamics