Which is the Best IELTS Coaching Center in Hyderabad?

How to Choose the Best IELTS  Coaching Center?

The Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad is Brooklyn Review

One of the major challenges facing an IELTS aspirant is to choose a good IELTS coaching center. Most often candidates look for the Best IELTS coaching center and end up getting into non-descript institutes marauding as experts with fancy advertisements and show off, but no content.  This article is an attempt to mitigate some of the problems faced by the IELTS aspirants who are on the hunt for a very good IELTS coaching center.
Brooklyn Review undoubtedly is The Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad. The following article explains why Brooklyn Review is the Best Training Institute and How it is different from other centers that offer IELTS coaching classes.


Well-Qualified and Experienced Trainers

Excellent Trainers
One of the most important factors that decide the excellence of an IELTS coaching center is the quality of its trainers.  All Brooklyn Review IELTS faculty are academically qualified from the eminent centers of learning in India as well as abroad.  They are all trained and certified by the concerned international agencies such as ETS, BC, & Pearson Vue. All our trainers possess valuable industrial experience as all of them have completed extensive stints at domains such as study abroad and Test prep. The trainers are exposed to the latest global trends in competitive exams in general and IELTS in specific as they routinely attend sessions organized by British Council and IDP. The trainers are friendly and are easily approachable.
They have already proved their mettle in this field of English language Instruction. As these expert hands will instruct you and guide you at Brooklyn, an excellent score is the last thing you should worry about. Talk to our faculty directly to know the caliber of our instructors, they won’t be found wanting. Brooklyn Review is extremely proud of the fact that we have some of best minds in the industry with us. So, if you are looking for quality instruction for your IELTS, this the best place you can be in.

Extensive, Varied, Researched and Updated Material

Plenty of learning Materials
It is extremely important for an IELTS aspirant to have the right kind of resources as IELTS is a skill-Based test and practice is one of the most important clogs in the wheel of success. Brooklyn review offers its students a plethora of materials for classroom practice and practice at home. Materials are offered in hardcopy as well as in soft copy. Every piece of practice material provides students an almost real-life experience of the test. The materials are all sourced from Cambridge University ESOL As Cambridge is the most recognizable name in English Language instruction across the globe. Moreover, ESOL is responsible for developing the real IELTS Examination as it is a co-owner of the IELTS.

Updated Learner-Centred Curriculum

The content and organization of the content for standardized tests such as IELTS and GRE must be unique as these tests pose a different set of challenges to the test-takers. So, the content students are exposed to, must be relevant to the test experience. However, this does not happen always as students are most often provided with obsolete and irrelevant content by institutions. At Brooklyn Review we make sure that the delivery of the content is done in such a way that learner understands it, retains it and put into good use in the examination.

Huge Cache of Mock TestsIELTS -Listening

Plenty of practice testsAs IELTS is a skill-based test, it is needless to say that practice is vital to securing a very good score. The closer the practice tests, in their content and formatting, to real tests the better it would be for the test-taker. Keeping this in mind, at Brooklyn review we offer a whopping 48 full-length tests for practice and even more importantly all these mock tests are previous IELTS Examinations. So, this experience is the closest possible a test-taker can get to the real experience.

Unique Strategies, Short-cuts, Tips, and Techniques

The extensive individual and collective experience of our faculty and research team mean that we have picked-up, devised and utilized the best possible strategies. The techniques we provide to our students help them solve problems easily without consuming much time. In a standardized test, it is needless to say that we have to manage time efficiently and effectively.

Optimum Student-Faculty Ratio

Optimum Student-Faculty RatioMost often classrooms in an IELTS training center resembles a chaotic street market as most often a lot of students are crammed to a very small classroom. The experience is definitely disturbing if not claustrophobic. At Brooklyn Review, we make sure that the faculty-student ratio is optimum. The batch strength is caped and it will be possible for the faculty to pay attention to every individual in the class.

Excellent Track Record

Brooklyn Review has an excellent track record of success in all the competitive exams it offers training for. Our students routinely secure top scores in IELTS exams consecutively. On an average 90 percent of our students get a 7 or  7 plus band in their IELTS.

Moment of Truth !!!

Flexible and Convenient Timing

As our clientele is an assortment of people who hail from different walks of life, it is incumbent upon us that we take into account their comfort and convenience. Therefore, we offer programs in the early morning hours and late evenings. We also have programs offered on weekends. Midday programs are specially offered for ensuring convenience for house-wives who are attending our sessions.   

Fun-filled Sessions

Even if the students are extremely motivated the prosaic nature of the test content may be taxing and if the instruction is so commonplace it will only be a matter of time that the students will lose interest in their learning process. However, at Brooklyn Review, we make sure that the coaching sessions are interesting, fun-filled and even entertaining. This will enable students keep motivated, and light-hearted while they are glued on to their tasks so if you are looking for pleasant, easy going and fun-filled learning atmosphere Brooklyn Review is your best bet.

Approachable Staff and Friendly Environment

At Brooklyn Review students are not bogged down by formalities as the process of enrolling and attending classes are very simple. Collecting the materials, transferring to another batch, and clarifying doubts are just routine. Students are always welcome to clarify their doubts from the front-desk or the concerned faculty. Evaluation of the essays and feedbacks are also a very easy process as our faculty is always approachable and friendly.

State of the Art Facilities

Best Facilities
All our classrooms are equipped with all the latest comforts and luxuries. Classrooms are spacious and thereby provide enough leg room for each individual. The ergonomically designed chairs offer great comfort while lighting in the classrooms is soothing for the eyes. Air-conditioned classrooms are certainly a solace in the summer months. Multi-media backed sessions include audio, audio-visual, and PowerPoint presentations. This makes learning interesting.

Special Care for Students from Non-English Medium Background

As we get students from different walks of life it is quite possible that we get a lot of students who completed their entire education in Telugu, Hindi or other local languages. It is extremely difficult for them to be on par with other students. In order to alleviate their struggles, we at Brooklyn Review make sure that special care and attention to be provided to them. This will be in the form of advice or additional practice; however, it is also important that the students also allow themselves enough time to practice and follow the advice given.

Centrally Located and Easily Accessible

Centrally Located

Accessibility is the key if you are attending a training program on a daily basis. If the training center is located in the interiors, it will be difficult for a student to attend the sessions. Our Centres in Hyderabad are centrally located and are easily accessible all by common modes of transportation. If you could check out the addresses given below you will soon realize how easy it is to reach our centers. Apart from physical access to our centers, access through communication networks is also very easy as we have people to be in touch with you through texts, voice or e-mails. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that we are just a stone’s throw away from you.

Individual Interviews and Extensive Feedback

One of the most difficult modules in the IELTS examination is the speaking module. We give extensive practice for this module as the students are provided with an extensive question bank with answers. We also make sure each student will get a personal interview from the faculty only not from other students. This not a normal trend as most institutes asks the students to interview each other. This enables the faculty to evaluate the student, identify the weaknesses and give proper feedback.

Special Inputs and Practice in writing

Writing module is another module that is traditionally very difficult for IELTS test takers. Strategies and practice are mandatory for a successful score in the module. We at Brooklyn Review make sure that the writing strategies are relevant and easy to use. The classroom sessions make sure that students are through with the strategies. We also provide the students with a question bank which consists of 100 Essay questions.  Students are encouraged to write as many essays as possible and get feedback from the faculty.


Affordable price

We all know that quality always comes with a premium, however, Brooklyn review understands that the bulk that constitutes our clientele is students, therefore, we don’t charge exorbitant prices for any of our programmes especially IELTS so if you are looking for quality training at an affordable price. Brooklyn Review is the best place for getting it.