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The Best GRE Coaching Center In Hyderabad

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Best GRE Coaching center In Hyderabad

The best GRE Coaching center is a coveted position occupied by Brooklyn Review for quite some  time. So what is it that makes us the Best GRE Coaching center in Hyderabad. Just as it is coveted, it is  it is also hard earned so let us have look at what makes us special.

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Our trainers are world class. They are certified by ETS and Pearson. Possessing a combination these certificates itself is a real big deal. All our trainers are GRE subject matter experts, which mean they are not drafted from any other profession. The minimum experience of our trainers is 5 years. They have also gone through the vigorous as well as informative training sessions of Brooklyn Review internal induction mechanism. They have already proved their mettle through hundreds of training hours. You can always talk to our trainers and assess their abilities.

Best GRE strategies, Tips and techniques

In a time bound standardized test like GRE, score depends on the way strategies, tips and techniques are utilized for answering as well as managing. Brooklyn Review easy to follow strategies and techniques are going to be the big difference between a 310 and 330. So if you are targeting A very good GRE score Brooklyn Review, Best GRE coaching center in Hyderabad, should be your choice.


The concoction of materials provided by Brooklyn Review targets a variety of topics and myriad range of skills. There are specific materials for vocabulary strategies and practice. The materials also cover advanced GRE question types. The materials also include basic concepts and formula for quantitative reasoning.


We have consistently produced best results. 80%-90 % of our students score 300 + in their GRE Exam . We have students who scored 336. A large chunk of the 80-90 % bracket students score 320 plus.


The helping and friendly attitude of the Brooklyn Review staff will obviously come handy for you, especially if you have lot of doubts. The faculty will be more than willing to clarify your doubts at your convenience.

Personal Care

We restrict our batch size to 25 students per class; this makes it easy for faculty to pay attention to students individually. So students at Brooklyn Review are not lost in the crowd of fifty or hundred students.

Flexibility and Validity

As we have multiple batches throughout the year, we will facilitate shifting from one batch to another hassle free. We also provide a six month validity for every admission which will make it easy for you if you have a busy work schedules or exams coming in between.

Convenient Timings

We have a variety of batches running at different timings. This makes it easy for people to choose a batch timing that is convenient for them. Small group tutoring and even One –to-One training is also available for those who want to attend to the training exclusively on their terms.  We have morning GRE classes, evening GRE classes and Weekend GRE classes as well.

Affordable Prices

We offer our services and products at reasonable price. We don’t over price as we don’t want loot people. Likewise we don’t under price because quality always comes with a price in our case the price is  affordable and decent. It will  light on your pockets.

We are the Best 

So in short we can say Brooklyn Review undoubtedly is the best GRE coaching center in Hyderabad.

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