John Mathews

Accomplished educator, flamboyant orator and an ever enthusiastic and innovative mind, Mr. John Mathews is one of the pillars of our think tank. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Don Bosco, Park circus. Heading one of the prestigious educational institutions in Hyderabad, Mr. Mathews serves a huge student community with humility and panache. He advises us on Academics and business development as he is the head of academic council for English language programs. He is also an honorary director of the company

Ajit Jain

Graduated from one of India’s foremost temples of learning, IIT Guwahati, Mr.Jain is a well accomplished professional in the domain of software development. His collective experience at a plethora of Multinational corporations helps us understand the dynamics of corporate world and help us to serve our partners in the corporate world better. He guides us on business development and academics as he is the head of academic council for Math and science programs. He is also an honorary director of the company.

Jayesh Shankar

Accomplished author, Mr. Jayesh is a known face in the literary circles of print media and online media. Mr. Jayesh has graduated from an exalted house of education; an institution still carries the nostalgic grandeur of the colonial era,   Victoria College Palghat. Mr. Shankar’s experience in the domains such as hospitality, entertainment and content management in India & abroad makes him an astute administrator. His dexterity and attention to detail will help us in the research and development division. He help in devising the online and live networking platforms.

Lijo Joy

A Preeminent mind in the field of career guidance and personality development, Mr. Lijo has travelled across various Indian states and helped transforming the lives of hundreds of college students and professionals.  He is a thorough professional and an incisive leader in the field of Campus recruitment training. Mr. Lijo guides us in clinching partnership with colleges and corporate houses across India

Anjana Jain

Excellent people manager, Enthusiastic and empathetic Mrs. Anjana Jain, is an expert in the domain of admission counseling. She is ideally suited for the role as it will be easier for her to walk our students through the path she has already treaded. She manages the day today activities of Brooklyn Review international with style and poise. Her versatility also makes her an exceptional trainer.

Sonia John

An outstanding mentor with proven track record, Mrs. Sonia John is capable of handling students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She trains students in English language programs such as IELTS &TOEFL. An expert in counseling and mentoring students, Sonia is a part of our academic think tank.

George Mathew

Mr. George is an alumnus of the venerated Don Bosco Educational institutions run by Society of St. Francis de Sales. His long association with top corporate houses in the country helps us understand the nuances of serving our corporate clientele with élan. His decade long association with the educational sector, chiefly with the foreign education sector will help us transforming the lives of our students and our partners. A voracious reader and published author Mr. George Leads the R&D at Brooklyn Review. He is also an honorary director of the company.