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The IELTS Speaking module

IELTS Coaching

IELTS Coaching

IELTS speaking is a 15 minute interview (11-14 minutes to be exact) that is divided into three sections. The first section is called the personal section in which the examiner asks a variety of questions related to the test takers personal life. Though the first round is predominantly aimed at breaking the ice, test takers should be careful as this is the round the first impressions are created. The second round is known as the cure card round. In this round a topic card is given to the test taker and he/she will get one minute to prepare a response. The test taker should speak for a minute or two. The third round will be an extended discussion related to the topic given in the second section.

How to score in IELTS speaking 


One of the desirable traits of every IELTS test taker is clarity in their speech. The test taker should be very clear about the content and thought he/she is conveying. The delivery should also be very clear. In short we can say we should careful about what do we say and how do we say it.


The answers given by the test taker should audible to the examiner otherwise even beautifully constructed answers will not fetch anything.

Voice modulation

Modulating the voice will allow us to be clear. It also keeps the listener interested.


Tone is used for conveying the right emotion or feeling of the speaker. Conveying emotions and feelings are as important as conveying opinions. Maintaining a flat tone throughout the interaction is not desirable as it may indicate indifference.

Rate of speech

Rate of speech refers to the speed at which one delivers the speech. Being too fast or too slow is not desirable likewise speaking at constant speed runs the risk of boring your listener.  A speech with moderate speed peppered with some quick remark will do the job.

Lexical resources

Use complex vocabulary if it is necessary only. Using complex words and phrases just for the sake of it will make your speech sound artificial. Flaunt only the words and phrases that you are comfortable with.

Grammatical resources

Grammatical errors in your speech will damage your chances. So try to speak in simple tenses and use complex expressions when they are absolutely necessary.


What you are saying is as important as how you are saying. So content is as important as delivery if not more. Answer the questions and stick to the point of discussions.

Dress code and Body Language

Dress formally and exhibit a confident body language. Exaggerated gestures, postures and facial expressions can have a negative impact on your overall performance.

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