How to manage our time in the verbal reasoning section of the GRE test?

Time management  in GRE

Time management in GRE

Time saving

Time management in the GRE revised general test is a tricky business. Though most students can manage their time well in the quantitative reasoning section, many find it tough to do the same in verbal reasoning section of the test. The primary reason is that half of the verbal reasoning questions are reading comprehension questions and reading comprehensions means passages and passages means time. Reading tough long-winded passages seems to be time consuming and without reading those passages it is not possible to answer RC questions. So what is the way out? Manufacturing time is definitely not an option!! This precarious situation means only one thing, that we have to save time somewhere and use it reading comprehension. But where? The answer seems to be self evident as there are only two other question types remaining in the verbal section of the test an they are the Sentence Equivalence and text completion questions. Saving time on SE and TC requires excellent command over vocabulary. So the conclusion is clear, if you want t to get a good score in RC, then work on your vocabulary.

Time Allocation 

Since each verbal section in the test presents you 20 questions that should be completed within 30 minutes, the time you will get for each question is ninety seconds. However we know that this is not an ideal scenario for reading comprehension as there are passages to read. It will not be possible for a test taker to read the passages and then choose the right answers within this time frame. But if a test taker can spend 30-40 seconds on SE and TC questions, then he or she can save some time on these items and spend that saved time on passages. Ideally there 10 SE and TC questions and on each sections, a GRE Test taker can save from 8 to 10 minutes.

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