How to get an excellent score in the GRE revised general test?

Step 1: Identify a good GRE coaching Center: You can talk to the counselors and the faculty and evaluate the quality of teaching and facilities. Always pay attention to the teaching standards rather than the beauty of the office space or classrooms. If you can talk to the faculty that will be great, for it is not the councilor who is going to teach you but the faculty. Try to gather as much general information about GRE as possible in these conversations.

Step 2: Get good quality GRE materials: This should include but should not be limited to Official Guide to the GRE revised general test, The Official review for the verbal reasoning practice questions and The Official review for the quantitative reasoning practice questions. Downloading a variety of materials for quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning in should be aimed predominantly at getting more practice questions. Because you will be provided with different strategies to tackle different question types that you will encounter in the test. Most often good GRE materials are provided by the institutes.

Step 3: Get your Basics right: If you are a graduate with a math background you should start working on your vocabulary. Though the contextual meaning of the word is what is tested in GRE, Your vocabulary will come more than handy in the test centreIf you are a graduate without a sound math background, then you should try working on those long forgotten formulas. It would be ideal for you to also look at refresher materials to rewind problem solving strategies. You should then work to catch up with those from the math background. Don’t worry the math tested in GRE is quite simple.

Step 4: Practice, practice and practice: Practise questions types in the verbal and quant sections. Attend the classes regularly and do your home works. This will provide enough opportunity for you to practice as well as test the strategies and techniques that you learned along the way. Also clarify any doubts then and there with the faculty.

Step 5 Take GRE power prep practice tests

The GRE power prep tests will provide a realistic way of understanding your tests and will also give an idea about the score that you will get in the real GRE exam. Other examinations developed by test prep companies may help practice a bit more, however none of them are a simulation of the real GRE test as GRE algorithm is copy right protected.

Step 6: Revise, revise and revise: Upon completion of your training from the GRE coaching center you should start your revision. Revising strategies, techniques and tips will hip you go a long way

Step 7: Take your GRE revised general test. You should write your GRE test 15 to 30 days after your training. If you take too short time, you may not get enough opportunity to practice. If you prolong your exam you may lose interest in the test or forget what you have learned.