Does vocabulary play a very important role in GRE revised general test?

Vocabulary has always been a very important component in the GRE exams. GRE before its revision (2011 August revision) had questions that tested the test taker’s mastery over vocabulary in a straight forward fashion e.g. antonyms and analogy questions. The test also had vocabulary tested in an indirect fashion. However the revised GRE general test varies slightly from the previous version of GRE. This new avatar of the test focuses on the contextual meaning of vocabulary rather than their direct meaning. The Revised GRE also focuses on shades of meanings of the vocabulary. The previous version of the GRE tested mostly the memory of the students whereas the new version focuses on reasoning ability of the student .Though vocabulary is not directly tested in the Revised GRE, test takers will do a disservice to themselves if they ignore the good old VOCABULARY.