One of the herculean tasks encountered by most GRE test aspirants is choosing the best GRE coaching center in Hyderabad. There are lot of contenders available for the professionals and students who are looking for the top GRE Coaching centers. However, getting into a nondescript GRE coaching center is certainly out of the table as most of the GRE aspirants are about to take a life-changing decision. This article outlines the process of identifying the best GRE coaching centers in Hyderabad. Investigate the following facets of each GRE training Centre.

  • Faculty
  • Materials
  • Program Constitution
  • Price
  • Curriculum
  • Flexible Timings
  • Class Size/Personal Attention
  • validity
  • Strategies, Tips and Techniques
  • Past Results
  • Attitude of the faculty/staff
  • Technology
  • Care for non-math background students
  • Care for Non-English Medium

Brooklyn Review: the Best GRE Coaching Center in Hyderabad

The best GRE Coaching center in Hyderabad  is a coveted position occupied by Brooklyn Review for quite some time. Just as it is coveted, it is it is also hard earned, so let us have look at what makes Brooklyn Review the Top GRE Coaching Institute in Hyderabad.

The Best GRE Trainers in Hyderabad.

The first concern that any GRE aspirant should have is to get guidance from a well-qualified and well experienced trainer. Since GRE mastery requires understanding of both the verbal reasoning part and quantitative reasoning part. There should be experts at least from two different subject areas. The trainers at Brooklyn Review are certainly well qualified.

Brooklyn Review Trainer Qualifications

  • Trained through internal training programs
  • Trained by external agencies such as, ETS and Pearson
  • Certified by the internal training department
  • Certified by multiple international agencies
  • 15 + years of experience
  • Guided thousands of students
  • Educated from premier temples of learning

Best GRE Program Composition

  • Well laid out
  • Well balanced

Best GRE Price in the Market

  • Affordable
  • Value for Money

Best GRE Materials

  • Well researched
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to use
  • Internationally Acclaimed
GRE Exam Material
GRE Exam Material

All Encompassing GRE Materials

The concoction of materials provided by Brooklyn Review targets a variety of topics and myriad range of skills. There are specific materials for vocabulary strategies and practice. The materials also include basic concepts and formula for quantitative reasoning. The materials also cover advanced GRE question types. The materials are provided in the form of printed hard copy materials, soft copy materials such as word documents and PDF files. A variety of applications are also provided along with it.

Materials for Classwork, Homework and Tests

Majority of these materials are intended for home practice. There are different sets of materials for classroom activities. These classroom materials are provided in the form handouts when the students attend these classroom sessions. Majority of the materials such as the Official Guide, the verbal reasoning guide and quantitative reasoning guide are published by ETS itself.

International GRE Materials

The other materials are from reputed and international publishers such as Barons as Well as Kaplan. The material cache also includes specifically composed Brooklyn Review material as well. Taking into account the fact that our GRE student community also include students from non-math background, we have included refresher materials for math. In a nutshell we can say that Brooklyn Review provides a huge cache of materials for classroom as well as home practice and if students diligently work through the materials and follow the instructions then they don’t have to look elsewhere.

Best GRE Strategies, Tips and Techniques

 Strategies, tips and techniques help test – takers find the correct answer, quickly and effortlessly.  Brooklyn Review believes in smart work more than in hard work; hence the emphasis is on strategies, tips and techniques. The Brooklyn Review strategies are time-tested as they come from years of collective experiences of faculty and the research team. The strategies tips and techniques are uniquely formulated for AWA, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Vocabulary.  Brooklyn Review easy to follow strategies and techniques are going to be the big difference between a 310 and 330. So if you are targeting a very good GRE score, Brooklyn Review-the Best GRE coaching centre in Hyderabad, should be your choice.

Mock Tests

Mock exams play a big role in your GRE preparation. Even though test – takers is familiar with the exam pattern, question types, strategies and techniques to handle the examination, they will find it difficult crack the GRE test, if they have not taken any practice tests. As taking simulated practice test would give a more intimate experience for the test-taker than simply answering a question or solving a problem from their study material.

Official Mock Exams

It is extremely difficult to obtain practice tests for the GRE test; even the original maker of the GRE test provides just two practice tests. We offer overall 13 practice tests, including 6 from Barron’s and 5 from Kaplan. The other two tests are included in the official guide we provide along with test. The test-taker will also get two additional practice tests from ETS when they register for the GRE test. By the time the students completes their preparation, they should take all these tests. This will equip them with almost firsthand experience even though they got it vicariously.

Past Results

Brooklyn Review has continually produced brilliant results. Of course hours of preparation, number of practice tests, countless classroom sessions and ground-breaking strategies would mean nothing if it is not for the brilliant scores that we have produced. The excellent results our students achieved was due to hard work from our GRE student, tireless efforts of our faculty, brilliant strategies of our think tank and huge quantity of material that was given to the students.. 80%-90 % of our students score 300 + in their GRE Exam. We have students who scored 336. A large chunk of the 80-90 % bracket students score 320 plus.

Personal Care

Personal Care
Personal Care for all GRE trainees

The Student Faculty Ratio

The optimum student – faculty ratio is certainly a pre-requisite for quality education.  Brooklyn Review makes sure that the student always remains in the radar of faculty so that they can get personal attention and care. This approach helps the faculty identify weaker areas in student’s arsenal and suggest ways to fortify them. This personal attention is certainly a part of classroom sessions as the faculty remains with the students all the time. Brooklyn extends this care by providing doubt clarification and essay evaluation. In a nutshell, we can say that students at Brooklyn Review are not lost in the crowd of fifty or hundred students.

Special Care for Students from Non-Math Background

The quantitative reasoning section in the GRE test assesses the test-takers proficiency in Mathematics; this is normally considered easier of the two sections as the verbal section is normally tough for every test-taker. Another reason for considering the quantitative reasoning section easy is the fact that the majority of the test-takers are engineering graduates. Mathematics is a part of any engineering program and therefore it is normally very easy for engineers. As it is naturally easy for most of the test-takers GRE coaching institutes normally don’t pay too much attention to the quantitative reasoning part.

Refresher GRE Math Material

Brooklyn Review did take cognizance of this fact and are providing special refresher materials to help non-math background students to bridge the gaps in their understanding. The refresher material is also helpful for test aspirants who have been away from the academical studies for a considerably long period of time. The refresher materials are normally included in the soft copy materials and the students can access this material and go through it and clarify their doubts with the math faculty regarding any of the concepts.

GRE Student

Special Care for GRE Students from Non-English Medium Backgrounds

The verbal reasoning section in the GRE test is a tough nut to crack and it is very intimidating for most of the test-takers. However this is a terrorizing prospect for most of the GRE aspirants who come from Non-English medium backgrounds. Taking this fact into account we make sure that these students are first made comfortable in the middle of their more proficient classmates. We also give them special instructions to follow specific materials so that they can improve upon their general English proficiency though this part depends a lot upon the student’s willing and determination.

Special Strategies and Tips and Techniques for Vocabulary

English vocabulary is the bread-butter of any GRE aspirant as proficiency vocabulary can help you wage through the Verbal reasoning section fairly easily conversely if the test-taker is not proficient in vocabulary, GRE can be nightmarish experience. Brooklyn Review has developed 10 unique methods to learn vocabulary effortlessly and retain them longer periods of time.  The strategies, tips and techniques taught are also supplemented with relevant materials so that the GRE aspirants can practice.

Special Care for AWA

AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment section is another area that is normally ignored by most GRE Coaching centers. Brooklyn Review understands the importance of this section and gives excellent strategies for students to work on their essays. The model and techniques used in the essay writing sessions are influenced by writing manuals from abroad. As result of this rigorous training majority of our students score extremely well in AWA. AWA scores are very important if you are looking for a Research assistant ship or a Teaching assistant ship in the university.  AWA scores are also very important for people who are looking for PhD’s as research-writing skill is very important for people who are planning to submit their thesis.

Convenient Timings

We have a variety of batches running at different timings. This makes it easy for people to choose a batch timing that is convenient for them. Small group tutoring is also available for those who want to attend to the training exclusively on their terms.  We have morning GRE classes, evening GRE classes and Weekend GRE classes as well.

Helping attitude of the GRE Trainers and Staff.

The helping and friendly attitude of the Brooklyn Review staff will obviously come handy for you, especially if you have lot of doubts. The faculty will be more than willing to clarify your doubts at your convenience.

Flexibility In the GRE Coaching Programs

As we have multiple batches throughout the year, we will facilitate shifting from one batch to another hassle free. We also provide six month validity for every admission which will make it easy for you if you have a busy work schedules or exams coming in between.

Affordable Prices

We offer our services and products at a reasonable price. We don’t over price as we don’t want loot people. Likewise we don’t under price because quality always comes with a price in our case the price is affordable and decent. It will be light on your pockets.

Fun-filled Sessions

GRE topics are mostly tough, dreary and uninteresting so a pedestrian approach to teaching GRE won’t work well, However infusing fun into this seemingly uninteresting task is  a herculean task. However our trainers are equal to the task they make the GRE sessions unusually fun-filled and interesting. This keeps our students interested in the task. The witty one-liners and the sense of humor of our trainers will certainly light up your day along with enlightening you with most esoteric concepts in GRE.


As Brooklyn Review GRE Coaching Centers are located at the heart of Hyderabad, they can be easily accessed by a variety of modes of transportation. Our centers are located in the training hubs of Hyderabad i.e. Kukatpally and Ameerpet. As both these centers right next to the metro railway stations, even if you are travelling from a distance, it won’t bother you much.

So if you are looking to be trained by the Best Minds in the GRE Coaching Arena, without any doubt you can walk into Brooklyn Review branches or call us on 9133850055