IELTS Listening general information from the best IELTS coaching institute in Hyderabad.

Listening is one of the four sections of IELTS test. The other three sections are reading, writing and speaking. In the listening section of the IELTS test, the test-takers listen to a variety of recordings and answer questions as they listen. The recordings are either conversations or monologues. Some of the recordings will deal with social situations whereas others are concerned with education and training. The candidates can listen to the conversations or monologues only once.

In the IELTS listening, the test-takers will have to answer 40 Questions. The 40 questions are equally apportioned among the four sections so each section will have exactly 10 questions. At the beginning of the test, the test-takers are provided with a listening question booklet, so the test-takers should write their answers in the listening question booklet initially. The test-takers will then be provided with a listening answer-sheet. They should then transfer all answers that they have written in the IELTS listening -question booklet to the IELTS listening answer sheet.
IELTS listening answer sheet
The overall time allocated for ielts listening is 40 minutes. This will include 30 minutes for listening to the recordings and answering questions and 10 minutes for transferring the answers to the listening answer sheet.
How can Brooklyn Review, The Best IELTS coaching institute in Hyderabad help you?
We have a wholistic approach to the ielts listening module. In the beginning students will be provided with a thorough overview of the module. After which All the questions types are explained with examples from the study material. Unique ‘Brooklyn Review’Tips, tricks and techniques to ace the listening module will be provided to the students.
The students will be provided with a variety of materials, which include hard copy materials as well as soft copy materials. In the class 8 full-length listening tests will be conducted and students will be given live feedback on those tests. The tests in the class will cover all types of accents, voice modulations and intonations. Students will also be provided with additional materials for a whopping 40 full-length IELTS listening tests.