Can I use pen for the IELTS exam?

I heard that IELTS is a PBT (Pencil and Paper-Based Test) and I should use only pencil and not pen. Is it correct?

You are permitted to carry your National identity card (Passport), pen, pencil, Eraser and a bottle of water into the IELTS test center. The bottle should be transparent. The pencil and eraser are intended for the listening and reading section of the IELTS test. As the answers for these two sections are scanned, hese two sections must be written using a pencil. If you write the answers with a pen chances are that your answers will be unclear or messy in the scanned versions.
For the writing section of the IELTS test however we can choose whether we want to write with a pen or a pencil. Using a pen in the test however is not really recommended because if you strike your mistakes the answer sheet can look ugly